Title Wild Sea Cook II
Categories Kitchen
Location Fort Lauderdale

Minimum of 2 years experience as a cook in a high volume restaurant
Able to speak and read English
Able to work weekends and holidays


Prepare and cook food with attention to cleanliness and sanitation, quality standards, taste, timeliness and cost effectiveness with respect for fellow cooks and the hotel environment.

Essential Functions

•Responsible for full set up and preparation of hot food items for outlets.
•Assists Restaurant Chef with organization and sanitation of main kitchen including walk-ins & freezers.
•Control quality and consistency of all food served.
•Insure that station or relevant prep list is set in a timely manner.
•Demonstrates knowledge of all food items produced by an assigned station.
•Handles and stores food properly and safely.
•Produce all orders consistently, quickly, an in accordance with established quality standards.
•Demonstrates safe and competent use of all tools: knives, pots, pans, stoves, ovens, grills, slickers, steamers, etc.
•Demonstrates knowledge of all basic techniques: sauté, braise, poach, grill poele, fry, steam, etc.
•Assist Restaurant Chef with delegation of work.
•Dress in the full appropriate uniform at all times.
•Respect scheduled hours of work and have all exceptions to these scheduled hours approved by a manager.
•Demonstrate respect for fellow associates, equipment, and customers.
•Communicate with the supervisory after each daily shift on work tasks and their coordination.
•Helps assist in other areas of kitchen when not busy.
• Communicates needs for area to supervisor.
• Takes responsibility in absence of supervisor

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

Physical Requirements

* Standing/walking
* Forward bend, squat, forward reach to retrieve items from cabinets
* Repetitive forward bend of head/neck
* Lifting through height of 6″ to 5′(squatting or forward bend) from dolly to refrigerator shelves
* Carrying boxes/bags of food a distance of 10 feet
* Shoulder motions below 90 degrees shoulder flexion
* Gross grasp to hold tongs, spoons
* Repetitive elbow motion in mid-range for chopping
* Repetitive wrist motions through partial range for stirring and chopping

boxes of celery, potatoes, carrots, etc.: 50 lbs. ea.pots of food: 25-50 lbs.
stirring food: 5-10 lbs. of force may be needed to stir thicker consistency foods such as Potato Salad

* Standing virtually all day (most standing is in one spot by stove)
* Walking: occasionally
* Lifting from dolly to refrigerator: 10-20 minutes 2 x day
* Forward flexion of head/neck: during all stirring and chopping
* Stirring, chopping: repetitive and very frequent

Most of shift is spent standing in front of hot stoves or ovens

High abilities with touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste

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